Location Based Game Design

Course description
Mobile gaming experienced a huge publicity after the launch of Pokémon Go and the prior game Ingress, which can also be beneficial for the travel and tourism industry. But as a tourism manager, where do you start to develop your gaming strategy to create more engaging and playful experiences for your visitors?

In this 3-day course you learn how to develop a concept for a game that uses the locations and landmarks of your destination or theme park. You will learn the basic principles of good location-based game design that may serve you well for future game development. The course covers aspects of game genres, location-based storytelling, game mechanics, game experience, player types, the choice of play locations and the positioning of the game in your overall marketing concept.

The course is a hands-on concept and design course of gameful experiences in which you are introduced into generating creative ideas games for your destination. With the increased application of mobile technology and the pervasiveness of games into all aspects of our lives, games are on the rise for developing engaging and meaningful experiences that are personal as well as co-creative for the visitors.

Target group
This course is mainly targeted for:

  • Tourism Destination Managers and Marketing Managers
  • Cultural Heritage Managers
  • Museum Marketing Managers
  • Theme park managers
  • Educators and teachers

Return on education
The aim of this course is to conceptualise a design  for a location-based mobile game for your tourist destination on a game design canvas and develop a prototype of your idea.
The course uses an iterative and human centred design principle which allows you to develop and base the idea on your visitor’s requirements. Therefore, you will evaluate your design ideas early in the design process.

A minimum of 8 and maximum of 25 attendees is allowed

On request. The program is designed for 4 days but can be shortened or extended to 2 to 5 days

The course can be offered at any location on request. No prerequisites are needed

On request


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Digital brochure
You can see the digital leaflet here: Leaflet PDF – Location Based Game Design